Announcing ‘Valiant, He Endured’ …and a new Martian War tale

A new libertarian science fiction anthology has just been published. Entitled Valiant, He Endured: 17 Sci-Fi Myths of Insolent Grit, this collection features an Ascension Epoch story set during the Martian Invasion. ‘Unwholsome Victuals’ is a short story of Victorian Apocalypse set during the War of the Worlds. Consumptive invalid Jonathan is stuck in Baltimore during the last days […]

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The Dismal Tide now available on Kindle

Book cover for The Dismal Tide featuring Torrent controlling water, Corona generating fire, and The Mysterious X running into battle.

At long last! The Dismal Tide is available on the Kindle right now! Paperback and other ebook editions soon to follow. The Dismal Tide is a rollicking superhero adventure featuring the East End Irregulars, a team of young vigilantes encountering the eerie side of Pittsburgh. Packed with humor and wrestling with serious moral questions, the book […]

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