Announcing ‘Valiant, He Endured’ …and a new Martian War tale

ValiantHeEnduredA new libertarian science fiction anthology has just been published. Entitled Valiant, He Endured: 17 Sci-Fi Myths of Insolent Grit, this collection features an Ascension Epoch story set during the Martian Invasion.

‘Unwholsome Victuals’ is a short story of Victorian Apocalypse set during the War of the Worlds. Consumptive invalid Jonathan is stuck in Baltimore during the last days of October, 1898. As his own health deteriorates, so do conditions in the city. Despite the disease, food shortages, and a never-ending parade of bad news from the front, Jonathan has never lost his confidence that things would turn out well in the end. But if the besieging Martian army can’t break his sunny outlook, the cruel and increasingly desperate rule of the city’s military government will put his optimism to the ultimate test.

Valiant, He Endured is the second in a series of libertarian short-fiction collections edited by author George Donnelly. Besides our War of the Worlds tale, there are 16 other exciting and darkly funny tales by a variety of talented authors that makes it well worth a read even if you’re not so very interested in libertarian thought. At only $0.99 on the Kindle, it’s a steal. Pick it up now and leave a review, but especially let me know what you thought about ‘Unwholesome Victuals.’

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