Book cover for The Dismal Tide featuring Torrent controlling water, Corona generating fire, and The Mysterious X running into battle.

The Dismal Tide now available on Kindle

At long last! The Dismal Tide is available on the Kindle right now! Paperback and other ebook editions soon to follow.

The Dismal Tide is a rollicking superhero adventure featuring the East End Irregulars, a team of young vigilantes encountering the eerie side of Pittsburgh. Packed with humor and wrestling with serious moral questions, the book is sure to thrill fans of the superhero, urban fantasy, and young adult genres. The Dismal Tide Kindle edition includes full-color illustrations and over 20 pages of appendixes filled with character bios and essays that flesh out the elaborate backstory of the Ascension Epoch.

And like all of our Ascension Epoch books, The Dismal Tide is DRM-free and released under a Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike license, so you can share and adapt it however you like.

Here’s the capsule description:

The East End Irregulars are taking a bite out of the Pittsburgh underworld. Teen vigilantes Torrent and the Mysterious X have already walloped werecats and beaten the mad gasser of Panther Hollow. Now they’re finally getting the attention they deserve: from the press, the police, and the worst lowlifes the city has to offer. With Corona’s pyrokinetic firepower added to the team, they’re ready to take on all challengers.

Or are they?

Before the Irregulars can claim their title as the Burgh’s undisputed champions, they must run a gauntlet of foes including the Flying Skeletons, the satanic Mr. Gentry, and the assembled might of the Global Parahuman Revolutionary Army. And the city’s other superheroes may have something to say about it, too.

The sequel to 2014’s Young Adult superhero adventure After Dark, The Dismal Tide is the second novel in the East End Irregulars series.

And here’s a sampling of some of the illustrations you’ll see in the book!

What are you waiting for? Go buy The Dismal Tide already!

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