New Release: Salamander Six

Salamander Six book coverOur fifth Ascension Epoch book, Salamander Six, is out now!

Salamander Six is a SF/adventure short story featuring the men of Marin-Pyronef, an innovative firefighting company that uses drones, VTOL aircraft, and exo-skeletons to douse flames and rescue victims where traditional firefighters couldn’t hope to. When an uprising on the Caribbean island of St. Martin overthrows the corrupt colonial administration, Florian Archambeault, the company’s founder, is faced with a chance to get even with the man who nearly destroyed his life twenty years ago. Will he cast aside his honor and reputation for revenge, or will he court death and ruin by trying to save the most hated man on the island? There’s only one way to find out: buy it now for $2.99 on the Kindle!

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