Picture PMonday: East End Irregulars 2 Cover Preview

So the cover for the second East End Irregulars book, Dismal Tide, has progressed enough that I’m OK with sharing a preview.

This cover has been tough, not in the painting of it, but in deciding what should go on it. Mike and I were back and forth a dozen times before we decided, and we ended up scrapping four cover attempts after serious work had begun on them. It didn’t help that there’s an awful lot of (completely awesome) stuff going on in the book. The pages are full of Torrent and X of course, but with new heroes, new villains, and a number of themes (one of his adventures is, in my opinion, downright scary), trying to represent the book with a single image became almost as trying as plotting and writing.

Dismal Tide Cover WIP

A mere portion of the villains who will appear in East End Irregulars: Dismal Tide.

So we’re committed, and here’s half the cover, minus the background. The other half is well on its way to completion, but I’ve got digital paint-palette blobs all over the image, so I won’t be sharing that part quite yet.

If you haven’t checked out book one yet, get caught up so you’re ready for book two:

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