#SaturdayScenes: A Challenge to the Honor of Lucha!

A couple of masked luchadores fighting

In today’s #SaturdayScenes, Pete Halstein, aka Bulwark, the accidental hero of our superhero occult adventure novel Copper Knights and Granite Men, receives a challenge from an unexpected corner: his television! “Hey, this is real life. It ain’t like professional wrestling where it’s all scripted and nobody’s worried about getting hurt, you know. And that ain’t […]

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To the Wal-Mart photo center employee who accused me of infringing the copyright on my own characters…

I wager that most of us have had some pretty bad customer service at big chain stores, especially Wal-Mart. I sure have. But I bet you’ve never been accused of “stealing artwork off the web” for ordering prints of your own characters! Today I visited the St. Clair, Pennsylvania Wal-Mart to pick up a series of prints that we’d […]

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