Snag the complete Ascension Epoch collection at Alchemist’s Cove Games & Comics


One of the exciting developments of 2017 is that we once again have a local comic and game store: Alchemist’s Cove Games & Comics! If you live near Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, be sure to stop in and check them out. Alchemist’s Cove is a great local shop with a very friendly and helpful staff, tons of tables for open gaming, and a great selection of items that just got better thanks to the addition of the Ascension Epoch! You can buy the full selection of our paperback books at Alchemist’s Cove, including the limited edition Salamander Six & Other Stories, which is usually a convention exclusive.

Self-promotion aside, Alchemist’s Cove is a great shop, and even though it’s only been open a few weeks it’s near the top of my list for comic and game stores. Unfortunately, many comic shops today can’t even keep to their posted hours and are staffed with rude or unhelpful people, but Alchemist’s Cove doesn’t have these problems. They say they value their customers, and their actions prove it. No doubt that’s why they already have a budding community of readers and gamers that call the store home. Stop by this week and see what I mean. This is a hard working local business that deserves your support.

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