Mock cover for Ascension Epoch role playing game in the style of TSR's classic Marvel Superheroes supplements

Character profiles Classic MSH RPG

Howdy, folks! We know quite a few of you fine readers are also RPGers, so we’re whipping up a special section of the website just for you.

As Mike mentioned, I’ve been doing work for Bexim’s Bazaar magazine. Part of that now includes doing profiles and adventure prompts for medieval fantasized versions of our Ascension Epoch characters. (With a few D&D stats.) But as you know, the Ascension Epoch characters are (mostly) modern superheroes, and what better system is there for playing superhero RPGs than TSR’s old Marvel Superheroes FASERIP system?*

So Mike and I will be adding a handful of character profiles to the site every month. You can, of course, modify them to whatever system you’re using, and they’re a fun read for fans even if you don’t play RPGs.

We’d really love feedback on them, too. Do you think they should be more detailed or less detailed, or are they just right? And most importantly: What Ascension Epoch characters do YOU want to include in your campaigns?

Let us know here, because if we get requests, you may just see those characters up soon!

Check out the profiles and check back every month for more.

*If you’ve never heard of Marvel Superheroes or FASERIP, the books are conveniently available for free.

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