East End Irregulars on YouTube + Con Season Kickoff @ Williamsport Comic Con!

If you’re anywhere within several thousand miles of Williamsport, Pennsylvania this Sunday, April 23rd, you should swing by the Williamsport Comic Con. Why? Because it’s a new and exciting con with some great guests and vendors, and it’s only $10 to get in!$10 to get into a con?! What is this, 2006?! Yet it’s true!

And here’s another good reason: Shell and I will be there! And as you can see from our Appearances page, we only have two cons scheduled for this year, and this is one of them. Convention season is going to be decidedly truncated this year, as we are expecting our first little vigilante in late July.

We’re also focusing on some other projects, like more novels and short stories (of course!) plus our first forays into (Tri)Podcasting. Speaking of which, have you seen some of Shell’s awesome art videos on YouTube? No? Well then, check out her most recent upload, featuring every adolescent crimefighter’s wet dream, Kanawha’s most pulchritudinous revolutionary, Cascade!

Don’t forget to Like and Share the video after you’re done, and subscribe to Shell’s channel. We have a lot more audio-video content planned including public domain book reviews, character dossiers, audio dramas, and book readings. We’d love to hear what you think of it, too, so leave a comment or stop by our booth at the Williamsport Comic-Con and chat with us.

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