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St. Florian’s Feast Book Giveaway

Salamander Six book coverThis coming Wednesday, May 4th, is the Feast of Saint Florian, patron saint of firefighters. In his honor, we will be giving away free e-book copies of our science fiction adventure short story, Salamander Six, right here on our website. Salamander Six is the tale of veteran fireman Florian Archambeault and the daring airborne blaze battlers of Marin-Pyronef:

The island of St. Martin is the glittering jewel of the French Caribbean. When fire threatens its narrow streets and skyscraper-studded waterfronts, the daring airborne firemen of Marin-Pyronef answer the call. Their remotely piloted drones can suffocate flames before conventional fire engines could even roll out of the station, while their jumpcraft can drop rescuers onto the roofs of buildings that no ladder could reach. This is the vision that the company’s founder, veteran smoke jumper Florian Archambeault, has spent the last 20 years building into a model of firefighting excellence.

Now, in a single afternoon, 70 years of domination by St. Martin’s corrupt Colonial Administration comes crashing down. In haste to evacuate after a stunning military defeat, four people are trapped atop the administration headquarters by a raging fire. Locked in a safe room with their air supply running low, only one fire company has a chance to save them. This is the rescue that would make Marin-Pyronef’s reputation on the world stage, and finally vindicate what Florian has spent a lifetime trying to prove.

But there’s a problem.

Among those trapped is despised colonial commissioner Pascal Beaulieu, the man who ruined and exiled Florian two decades ago. Will Florian’s sense of duty trump his thirst for revenge? Can he afford to save the most hated man on the island?

If you don’t want to wait til Wednesday, or you want the audiobook version of Salamander Six, head over to Amazon and snag it now. The audiobook is only $3.46, and if you sign up for a free trial of Audible, it’s free! While you’re there, you’ll be able to read some of the great reviews this thrilling story has received from Amazon customers, like these:

  • “This story is not only very entertaining, it fires your imagination and challenges your conscience.”
  • “…in the middle of all that action there is a backstory that fully develops the characters and their relationships, all knit together producing an action packed, wham-bam, huge short story!”
  • “Like nothing else”


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