An ominous fortune cookie

You can’t possibly live long enough…

There’s nothing like a brush with death to give you fresh perspective!

I received this pearl of wisdom after gorging at the local Chinese buffet a few weeks ago. Rarely does a fortune cookie attain a profound personal meaning, but this one hit me right in the gut, so to speak.

No, I didn’t think it was warning about overeating. It was a clear and obvious reference to Ascension Epoch!

I refer specifically to making Ascension Epoch open content. Everything we do–every story we write, character we create, art we produce–is released in the Creative Commons. Sure, a lot of that decision had to do with our philosophical position on intellectual property, but the really important thing is that this universe is way too big for two people to explore alone. And we’re way too excited about all the stories, wonderful places, and intriguing characters to accept that we’d never see most of them if we were the only people doing the exploring.

Even if Shel land I worked full-time on this project for the rest of our lives (and we’d love to!), we’d never get to more than a small fraction of this marvelous universe. And how could we when there are things that we would never think of, couldn’t even imagine, ourselves? Wondrous vistas of creativity born from the minds of others!

Are you one of these fellow creators? We hope so, and we hope you’ll show us your corner of the universe.

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