Population of Loss: Free starting this Thursday

If you haven’t read our short story anthology Population of Loss yet, you’ll be able to download the ebook for free from Amazon, beginning on January 22, 2015. The promotion runs to the 26th. Normally it’s $0.99.

Population of Loss contains four short stories set during the Martian invasion of 1898-1905. The stories run the gamut from steampunk superheroism to paranormal westerns, and are accompanied by illustrations by Shell Presto. Population of Loss is one of our best-selling books at conventions, as its quick to read and has a wide range of styles sure to interest fans of many different genres. This is a good jumping on point for those interested in the wider Ascension Epoch and a special treat for fans of the literature of the late 19th century in general and The War of the Worlds in particular. So join us in the Victorian Post-Apocalypse and be sure to leave a review! We want to hear what you thought of our little taste of the War of the Worlds.

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