#SaturdayScenes: A Challenge to the Honor of Lucha!

A couple of masked luchadores fighting

In today’s #SaturdayScenes, Pete Halstein, aka Bulwark, the accidental hero of our superhero occult adventure novel Copper Knights and Granite Men, receives a challenge from an unexpected corner: his television! “Hey, this is real life. It ain’t like professional wrestling where it’s all scripted and nobody’s worried about getting hurt, you know. And that ain’t […]

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Shining Worlds in Splendor: The Empyrean and the War in Heaven

In this final installment in a three-part series investigating what the inhabitants of the Ascension Epoch universe actually know about the secret history and strange phenomenon of their world, we we examine what is generally known about the myriad worlds of the Empyrean and the aeons-long celestial war that holds the earth under siege. –Go […]

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