New reviews for Dismal Tide, Population of Loss

We received yet another positive review of our introductory book of superhero and Victorian post-apocalyptic short stories, “Population of Loss.” In the Ascension Epoch universe, the War of the Worlds actually happened and it changed the world permanently. Here’s what the reviewer has to say: Great concept, well executed I first stumbled across the “Ascension Epoch” universe while […]

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Book Review: Free Spirits by Richard Rohlin and Benjamin Feehan (Grapple Gun Universe)

Free Spirits is a short story (about 28 pages) set in the mid-2000s of the Grapple Gun Universe (GGU). If you’ve been following along in the series that began with Archers and whose most recent installment is The Eye of Horus, this is 30+ years in the future from the characters and events you’re familiar […]

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Book Review: War of the Worlds: The Anglo-Martian War of 1895

This book is part of Osprey’s ‘Adventure’ imprint, an expanding line-up of reference books for fictional and mythological struggles, ranging from Atlantis to King Arthur to the Cthulhu Mythos. I have read quite a few of them, including an excellent book on the Nazi occult program written by horror RPG ace Kenneth Hite, a tome […]

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Book Review: Night’s Nadir by Corey Blankenship

Title: Night’s Nadir Author: Corey Blankenship Publisher: Four Fools Press Price: $0.99 Format: ebook (Kindle) I am a longtime fan of weird fiction, especially when that mystery and paranormal menace crosses paths with teeth-gritting military ops and desperate conspiracies. You can blame games like Delta Green or Conspiracy X, or literary gems like Tim Power’s […]

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Speaking of reviews… The first East End Irregulars novel, After Dark, was reviewed over at OnlineBookClub. I’m happy to say it’s a positive review! Here are some highlights: …the reader not only meets a cast of compelling characters but also encounters a futuristic dystopia* complete with hovercraft, the future’s smartphone, and variant political divisions across […]

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