Free House of Refuge, The Yellow Sign, and other news

I just wanted to remind everyone that House of Refuge is available for free today until Monday on the Kindle. That’s “free” as in beer. It was always “free” as in Linux. If you want to know more about our award-winning short story of life and death on the seasteads of the South Atlantic, you should also check out our new HoR book landing page!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know about Curse of the Yellow Sign, a Kickstarter project by legendary RPG creator John Wick. It’s coming down to its final days and some excellent new stretch goals have been revealed. Unlike most treatments of The King in Yellow in modern fiction and RPGs, this project is rooted squarely in the original Yellow mythos of Robert W. Chambers. So if you like The King in Yellow as much as we do (and we liked it so much we wrote a sequel to it!), you definitely ought to check it out.

Speaking of that sequel, also known as Copper Knights and Granite Men, the first book in our Challenger Confidential series, it just got a face lift. Shell has made an excellent new pulp-style cover and we’ve made corrections and revisions to the interior that are now live on the Kindle. We’re still waiting to approve the proof before the paperback edition is updated, but it’ll happen within the week. We’ve got a whole post coming up detailing the improvements and what we’re doing next, but in the mean time, check out the new cover and let us know what you think.

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