Welcome to the new AscensionEpoch.com!

Welcome to our revised and streamlined Ascension Epoch website. Our goal in updating the site was to provide a faster and more user-friendly experience for those wanting to find out the basics of our project, more info about our books and other merchandise, and how to contribute or otherwise get in contact with us.

This site will primarily host a lot of introductory essays to introduce Ascension Epoch to first time visitors and a blog of our ongoing work on the project. It will also host our storefront where you’ll be able to buy our books, audiobooks, t-shirts, artwork, and other Ascension Epoch themed goodies. We’ll also be listing our upcoming appearances at conventions, podcasts, and other events so you can come talk to us directly.

If you’re a long-time fan, you’ll notice a lot of the background information, including character profiles and articles about in-universe fluff is missing. Don’t worry, it hasn’t disappeared. However, it’s been moved to our members only site, which will be launched in the near future. The reason we decided to move this info off the main website is that a lot of first-time visitors felt overwhelmed by the articles and felt they had to read through and understand them to understand our stories. Believe it or not, some people weren’t even interested in reading the background pieces (or the appendices!) Hrumph! In any case, we wanted to give those people a more streamlined user experience and allow them to quickly cut through the clutter to find what they’re really looking for: stories and artwork.

The new members-only website is the way we hope to fund most of our work on Ascension Epoch. There will be several paid tiers with all kinds of benefits, as well as a free tier that you can get access to simply by subscribing to our email list. If you’re already a member of our email list, we’ll send you information about how to create you free account when the members-only site is up and running. We further promise that all of the ‘fluff’ articles that were available on the old website will be available on the free tier of the members-only site.

Thank you all for supporting us! And let us know what you think of the new site.

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