The Note

I just added a new chapter to our Write-On page for The Dismal Tide, the second book in our East End Irregulars series.

Currently, there are three (first draft) chapters posted. Most of the book is already done, but I’m filling in some of the intervening scenes, and this one was entirely written today over the last several hours. This chapter is called “The Note”, and it follows Sebastian Pereira, aka Torrent, riding high the morning after his make-out session with Evangeline Garver. However, perfidious fate is about to throw him a curveball in the form of an unexpected letter slipped into his locker. The consequences of his actions in After Dark, particularly in regard to his dealings with the Global Parahuman Revolutionary Army and his battle with Miasma, are about to hit home in a big way.

Check it out and let me know what you think

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