Picture Pthursday

Greetings again, Ascension Epoch fans! It’s time for another Picture Pday.

I’ve been hard at work hashing out ideas for the second East End Irregulars cover. While there’s been many an unseen drawing hitting the trash can, Mike and I have finally agreed on something to run with. There’s still likely to be changes (and there will definitely be changes — for example, Corona needs some baddies to be aiming at), but here’s a good start on what the cover might look like.

Irregulars Book 2 sketch

Presto’s proposed cover sketch for the second East End Irregulars book.

Pretty cool, huh? And, yes, Mysterious X is punching a minotaur on the cover. That may or may not be 100% accurate to the stories within its pages. ;D  Of all possible cover variations, I’m gonna try my best to make sure that stays on there. In the meantime, you can wonder about what a minotaur is doing in Pittsburgh.

If ya’ll enjoy these art previews, leave a comment and let us know! I’ll be happy to post more art updates if there’s a demand.

-Shell Presto

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