Picture Pfriday: I’m Not Dead! I’m Just Organizing a Convention…

 I’m not dead!

But the world has exploded with business!

I’m running a con! How did this happen?! It’s on New Year’s! There will be video games, tabletop games, and alcohol, just like all my geeky New Year’s non-parties. Only this is a party, too! With music! And instead of four people, there will be lots of people!

(I avoided the bar scene because people didn’t get my bag of holding jokes and people rolled their eyes at my awesome reproduction of Uncanny X-Men 300 shirt… but would I have gone to a party if everyone was just like me?)

Mein Gott! So the only drawing I’ve done besides the cover for After Dark is this one for the flier. I am afraid it may be my only #inktober drawing this year. One of my favorite Ascension Epoch characters, Ozma of Oz, the Emerald Witch! And anime-style for a change!


The Emerald Witch

The Emerald Witch, Ozma of Oz’s superhero persona, in awesome anime style!

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