Cascade commission by Jaisamp

Jaisamp draws Cascade and West Side Siren

Third in our series of awesome commissioned artwork by the equally awesome artists of Sci-Fi Valley Con, Mae Jaisamer, aka Jaisamp, gives us two absolutely beautiful renderings of our femmes fatale.

First up, the sexy, but morally questionable, Cascade:
Cascade commission by Jaisamp

Cascade is a member of the GPRA, a metahuman militant group, in After Dark. Aside from being a fearsome hydrokinetic, she may be best known for her LED tattoos.

Next up is West Side Siren, one of New York City’s Neighborhood Protectors and avowed #1 biggest fan of Amp:
West Side Siren commission by Jaisamp

Siren, in all her mermaid/roller-derbyist glory, appears in Copper Knights and Granite Men.

Be sure to check out Jaisamp’s other excellent art, and tell her we sent you. And if you like these, why not check out our previous commissions of the Cyclone Ranger by j3rm55 and a whole lot of sketch cardy goodness by D.J. Coffman.

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