Great Philadelphia Comic Con News

A few days ago, I said we wouldn’t have the new printings of Copper Knights and Granite Men available for the Great Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend, but today I came home to find out that the nice folks at Createspace made a liar out of me. I am usually impressed with Createspace’s speed and quality, though I’m not sure whether it’s because they’re actually really good or if it’s just the Scotty Factor…

Speaking of Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei, and Walter Koenig will all be attending the con, not to mention most of the original Power Rangers and comic book legends Jim Steranko and Peter David. I know you’re all coming to the con to meet Shell and I, get our autographs, and buy our books, but why not meet some celebrities at the same time? Seems like a good deal to me. Admission is $50 for the whole weekend, or $18/35/25 at the door. Come out and see us, we’d love to meet you.

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