East End Irregulars Book 2 – Art Preview

Welcome to Picture Ptuesday! (Wherein Mike puts Shell in charge of an article and she posts a work in progress piece of Ascension Epoch art instead.)

Seriously, though, sometimes I want to share my art, too, and when that happens, I’m going to hijack whatever day of the week it is with a silent ‘P’ in the beginning. Unless you want to pronounce it. (I do. Rupert Psmith does not.)

Here we have some inked art (minus backgrounds) of Sebastian and Eva’s second date. As you may be able to tell from their expressions, it’s not going quite so well as the first one.


Eva and Sebastian’s second date is perhaps not so smooth as the first one.

What’s causing the trouble in paradise? We’re writing, editing, and drawing the next installment of East End Irregulars so you can find out.

And if you aren’t caught up on the first installment, you can check out a preview for the first book, After Dark, and learn more about these two characters.

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