Dauntless: Our newest book, now on Kickstarter!

A new book is on the way! We’ve just launched our first Kickstarter today and we’re already 50% of the way toward our goal!

It’s for a Zine called Dauntless, which focuses both on heroic adventure literature and role playing games. We’re basically bringing to light all of the corners of our universe that we hinted at or briefly glimpsed in our already published books.

Issue #1, “Prophets of Darkness,” comes in at about 40 pages, will feature the following:

  • The Deep School: The history and curriculum of the invisible schools of sorcery that may operate even in your city today. Horrifying new spells (system neutral!) and plot hooks galore! Plus information on the famed Scholomance and a new model of grimoires. Adapted from the weird fiction of Manly Wade Wellman.
  • The Nefandous: The lascivious and murderous daughters of the Great God Pan. Their dark beauty hides fathomless evil and frightful deformities. Information on Pan Cults, random tables to create your own Nefandous, two Nefandous NPCs, and more. Adapted from the weird fiction of Arthur Machen and H. H. Ewers.
  • Mr. Gentry: As seen in our novel, The Dismal Tide! A demoniac Man in Black, guaranteed to bring nightmares to even the most courageous adventurers. A lost pupil of the Deep School who had to trade his sanity–and his eyes–to escape.
  • The Heresiarch Vartan: An immortal warlock from 8th century Armenia and head of a shadowy occult crime syndicate whose elaborate schemes to stave off death have cost him more than his soul.
  • The Brass Man: A mystical automaton, the last descendant of Talos.
  • Mystical Perils: Dread sorcerous artifacts like the Hand of the Heresiarch, the Tunnel Mystery Codex, and random tables describing environmental effects in areas tainted by black magic.
  • Thrilling Short Fiction: Young vigilantes test the limits of their wits and courage against the eldritch power of Mr. Gentry, and a glimpse inside the occult repository of the Houdini Center for the Prevention of Paranormal Crime.

We hope you’ll support us! And please share our campaign with your friends! If this Kickstarter does well, we’ll have many, many more issues to publish!

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