Wild Talents: A Survey of the Paranormal

We’ve already talked about what the inhabitants of our shared universe know (or think they know) about paranormal phenomenon. To reiterate briefly, one-and-a-half centuries of study has left mankind with the ability to quantify and measure certain phenomena, mostly related to Psionic abilities, to formulate some basic explanatory theories, and to catalog some stranger things […]

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What is known about superpowers and the paranormal?

Continuing in the series of articles investigating what the inhabitants of the Ascension Epoch universe actually know about the secret history and strange phenomenon of their world (part one addresses non-human civilizations), today we take a look at the nature and origin of talents and paranormal phenomena. What does science say about superpowers? What is […]

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Harry Houdini: Paranormal Crime-Buster and Foe of the Supernatural

Harry Houdini demonstrates control over an ectoplasmic emission

#WorldbuildingWednesday is a series of articles posted every Wednesday that flesh out some aspect of the Ascension Epoch’s shared universe. In the Ascension Epoch, Harry Houdini is less known for his talents as a magician and escape artist than as a passionate critic of metahumans and one of the early pioneers of anti-talent tactics and […]

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