Bad Day at the Library

Mr. Gentry, a man-in-black with two different monstrous eyes, holds up a picture of a missing girl.

This entry to #SaturdayScenes is a true web exclusive. It’s something I was originally going to put in the appendices for The Dismal Tide, but never got around to. It concerns itself with the┬ámysterious ‘Man in Black’, Mr. Gentry, the creepiest character that the East End Irregulars have encountered to date. Astute readers may notice […]

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Harry Houdini: Paranormal Crime-Buster and Foe of the Supernatural

Harry Houdini demonstrates control over an ectoplasmic emission

#WorldbuildingWednesday is a series of articles posted every Wednesday that flesh out some aspect of the Ascension Epoch’s shared universe. In the Ascension Epoch, Harry Houdini is less known for his talents as a magician and escape artist than as a passionate critic of metahumans and one of the early pioneers of anti-talent tactics and […]

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