Ascension Epoch

Giant Monster Flashback: Markers and Monsters

Friend and AE contributor Colin Richards recently posted a recap of his very impressive Drawlloween effort. Not only did he manage to draw 31 full-color illustrations in October, but he also shot a video for each of them. As anyone who has ever attempted the old “Do Something Everyday For a Month” routine can attest, that’s a major accomplishment. His whole YouTube channel is worth checking out, but I wanted to make special mention of the recap because he gave a shout out to Ascension Epoch, and I thought some of his fans may be interested in seeing some of the excellent monsters he created for our shared universe. Just click the picture below to see and read more…

A gigantic, six-limbed sea monster with horrible claws and a gaping, fang-rimmed maw rises from the sea to attack a coastal village.

Colin Richards Ascension Epoch artwork

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