“Using my powers for awesome.”


Real Name: Sebastian Pereira
Class: Talent (Mutant)
Sex: M Age: 17
Group Affiliation: East End Irregulars
Base of Operations: Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA
Fighting: GOOD (10) Health: 36
Agility: TYPICAL (6)
Strength: GOOD (10) Karma: 60
Endurance: GOOD (10)
Reason: EXCELLENT (20) Resources: TYPICAL (6)
Intuition: GOOD (10)
Psyche: REMARKABLE (30) Popularity: 5


Myopia: Torrent wears corrective lenses, usually in the form of contacts underneath his protective goggles. Without them, he suffers a penalty of -1CS on combat feats and cannot see clearly more than one area away.

Known Powers:
Hydrokinesis: Torrent can psychically detect and manipulate liquids by moving, spraying, compressing, or rapidly increasing their temperature. The intensity of this ability varies with range and amount of liquid. If the liquid freezes or turns to steam, he can no longer control it. The damage of these attacks depends on what liquid he uses, how much of it, and how hot it is.

Range Min/Max Volume Control
Touch .5 Oz/30000 gal. AMAZING (50)
10 feet 1 Qt/30000 gal. INCREDIBLE (40)
40 feet 2 gal./10000 gal. EXCELLENT (20)

Psychometry: Torrent can pick-up residual psychic impressions within 1 area at Typical (6) ability, or by touch at Good (10) ability.

Eerie: Related to his psychometry, this ability allows Torrent to detect the presence of supernatural presences and the use of psychic abilities within 1 area at Amazing (50).
However, it does not specifically identify the source of the manifestation or the motivations of any of the entities.



Torrent wanted to be a superhero since he was 5 years old, when he saw the Target beat up a bank robber who had taken him hostage. He manifested a mild psychometry talent during puberty, but it wasn’t until his early days as a costumed vigilante (then going by the codename “Doom Specter”) that his hydrokinesis manifested in the middle of a desperate fight with several vandals. He rechristened himself Torrent and convinced his friends to join his vigilante activities.


Torrent is a bright and conscientious young man with a strong sense of justice. He is a devout Catholic who habitually goes to Confession. Nevertheless, he usually finds himself confessing the same sins over and over, and his strengths are weakened by impulsiveness and an excess of ego. He is an inexpert and sometimes rash fighter who often gets himself into situations he is ill-prepared for. That said, he learns quickly from his mistakes and is able to think quickly on his feet. Once he knows an enemy’s habits and weaknesses, he is good at planning and executing strategies that knock much more powerful adversaries off balance. But what really aggravates Torrent’s enemies (and sometimes his friends) are his smart mouth and inexhaustible arsenal of put-downs.


Weapon - Stun baton: Torrent frequently carries an electrified prod that he can use as a Stunning Attack for Remarkable (30) damage. It is made of Poor (4) strength material.

Weapon - Gauntlet: Torrent wears a gauntlet of Excellent (20) strength material on his right hand with built-in brass knuckles and nozzles capable of spraying liquid (usually vinegar) via a tube to his backpack reservoir.

Liquid Damage Range
Vinegar Force: No health reduction, but can disable an opponent with REMARKABLE (30) only on Bullseye or Stun (shot to unprotected eyes or other sensitive area) 1 area
Holy Water Force: REMARKABLE (30) on vampires or infernal creatures 1 area

Body Armor: Beneath his costume, Torrent wears a bullet-resistant chest plate and helmet of EXCELLENT (20) rank.

Night Vision: Torrent has a military surplus night vision rig on his helmet and protective goggles that allows him to see in both low-light and total darkness (using a built-in infrared torch). If the IR torch is not activated, this vision is passive and cannot be detected visually. If it is activated, it can be detected by other people or devices with Infravision.

Vehicle - Bicycle: Stats per Players Book


Swimming, Multi-Lingual (Portuguese, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian), Student


Torrent is a founder of the East End Irregulars, so all the members of that team are contacts. He also knows the members of Sigma Lambda Alpha Mu (SLAM), a covert vigilante fraternity at the University of Pittsburgh.

His uncle, Paul Pereira (“Crazy Uncle Paul”) is a noted reporter and chronicler of conspiracies and paranormal occurrences, who hosts The Magic Casement, a Grid-series and weekly radio broadcast.