“Did you ever want to run away?”


Real Name: Evangeline Garver (Secret Identity)
Class: Talent (Mutant)
Sex: F Age: 16
Group Affiliation: East End Irregulars
Base of Operations: Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA
Fighting: POOR (4) Health: 28
Agility: GOOD (10)
Strength: POOR (4) Karma: 36
Endurance: GOOD (10)
Reason: GOOD (10) Resources: POOR (4)
Intuition: EXCELLENT (20)
Psyche: TYPICAL (6) Popularity: 5

Known Powers:
Thermokinesis: Corona can rapidly increase the temperature of a volume of fluid, objects, or people within line of sight and up to 100 feet away. This counts as an Energy attack.

Range Control Damage
100 feet, LOS restricted AMAZING (50) Up to EXCELLENT (20)
Evangeline Garver



Unlike some of the other Irregulars, Corona is ambivalent about being a costumed adventurer. She only took on the Corona identity after her boyfriend, Torrent, persuaded her; perhaps also out of a sense of rebelliousness against her father, who openly resented that she was a talent. Encounters with dangerous criminals and terrifying creatures, to say nothing of the occasional moral ambiguity of crime fighting, caused her to retreat from vigilante life for a time. She returned, initially to help her friends, but ultimately deciding that she had a responsibility to protect people from the things that terrified her.

While Corona is the most powerful talent on the team, she is the least inclined toward force. Her role as the conscience of the Irregulars is every bit as important as her firepower, however. She is a caring and supportive young lady who tends to put the desires of others above her own. One day, she will put the vigilante life behind her, but for now she’s committed to the fight.


Vehicle - Bicycle: Stats per Players Book


Student, English Literature, Acting


All of the East End Irregulars. She also knows the members of Sigma Lambda Alpha Mu (SLAM), a covert vigilante fraternity at the University of Pittsburgh.

Corona’s father, Matthew Garver, is a mining engineer who was once a member of the Compass Society and a close associate of famed subterranean explorer George “Geo” Templeton.