Ascension Epoch

Sketches from the next Challenger Confidential book

While we work on the final proofreading for The Dismal Tide and preparations for PartyCon, Michael Clark Munson has been hard at work illustrating some scenes from the next Challenger Confidential book. Check out the amazing detail of his inks!

An enraged, super-powered man (Atomic Ranger) punches through a brick wall.

An infuriated Atomic Ranger takes out his frustration on a brick wall.

Chemistra’s trespassing in Weisseria brings her face to beak with Peck, the Promethean’s watch griffon.

If you’re intrigued, you ought to check out the first book in our Challenger Confidential series, Copper Knights and Granite Men! It’s an occult/superhero mashup based on The King in Yellow! It’s available on Amazon and other online retailers for only $2.99.

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