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New Merchandise: Golden Age comics, art coasters, and more

Just in time for Sci-Fi Valley Con and Itz-A-Con, we’re unveiling a boatload of awesome new stuff that’s sure to get you to part with your paycheck! *rubs hands together*

First up, we have this huge selection of art tiles/coasters covered with your favorite Ascension Epoch characters!

There are two different kinds of coasters: a matte polyurethane finish and a clear epoxy finish. Both are great for holding both hot and cold drinks, hanging on your wall, or displaying in your cubicle. These will run $6/each, or $20 for 4.

Next up, we have a brand new T-shirt, with brand new art of your favorite teenage thermokinetic, Corona! You can see the design below (the T-shirt won’t have the “Art by Shell Presto” or the website URL on it). The shirts look killer, so you’ll definitely want to pick one up. $20

We’ve also got a blast from the past: hundreds of issues of public domain comics from the Golden Age on DVD! For the first time, you’ll be able to get these classics in convenient, organized form, viewable with (free) CBR reader software on any PC or Mac, iPhone or Android device. We’ll have seven different volumes available for $10 each, including:

Each DVD contains several gigabytes worth of scanned comics from the 1930s and 1940s. You’ll recognize some of these characters from their appearances in Ascension Epoch novels, like Target and the Flame, while others will be appearing in forthcoming stories. Get introduced to these classic characters. They’re a real treat!

(And speaking of public domain comics, be sure to join us at Sci-Fi Valley Con on Friday @5 PM for our panel on Open Source Fiction!)

And while they’re not new new, we also have The Dismal Tide, the second novel in the East End Irregulars series, and an audiobook version of Salamander Six that we didn’t have at Sci-Fi Valley Con or Itz-A-Con last year. If you haven’t picked them up yet, then swing by and pick up an autographed copy of each — or ask Shell to make you a personalized artist edition, complete with character sketch, for only a few dollars more.

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