Ascension Epoch

My other work in progress…

Shell and I have a whole line of Ascension Epoch action figures (all 3.75″ or 1/18th scale, usually based on G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Marvel Universe figures) in various stages of completion. Here’s Torrent.


OK, so his hair needs to be painted dark brown, not to mention a pair of arms, but I think he’s coming along pretty well so far. I was very lucky to find the head, whose facial construction, hair, and expression are nearly perfect for the way Shell draws Torrent, in one of those Animal Planet undersea sets they sell at Toys R Us. The other body parts are all from the modern (25th Anniversary) era GI Joe figures. Honestly, I can’t remember which ones. The folded-down hood comes from the Arctic Trooper Snake Eyes, and the goggles come from Rise of Cobra Firefly.

He needs gear, too, of course. I’m sure I have a suitable web harness in my custom bits pile. Can anyone recommend a suitable cattle prod?

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