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How you can get House of Refuge and Population of Loss…for free

As of today, Population of Loss and House of Refuge are no longer KDP select titles. You can still get them on Amazon, of course, but we’ve ended their exclusivity as a way to make them available to more people. Both books were very successful during their ‘free’ days on KDP, moving about 350 and 500 copies, respectively. Since they are both bite-sized reads and a good introduction to the Ascension Epoch universe, we thought they’d be the ideal books to make available for free all the time.

As of this evening, they’re both available on NoiseTrade. If you haven’t heard of NoiseTrade before, you’re in for a treat. It’s a site that distributes both ebooks and music in a pay-what-you-want format. There’s a suggested tip for each download, but you don’t have to pay anything you don’t want to. The only thing you have to give is your email address, with the understanding that you’ll be signed up for our mailing list. The site is chock full of great albums and ebooks, and it’s worth checking out for more than just Ascension Epoch stuff.

Incidentally, this also makes the books available for the first time in PDF and EPUB formats, as well as the Kindle-friendly MOBI format.

So, an email address for a free book. Does that sound fair to you? Then go here to download:
Population of Loss @NoiseTrade
House of Refuge @NoiseTrade

And if you don’t want to subscribe to our email list, that’s okay too. You can still buy them for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively, over at Amazon.

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