Ascension Epoch

Easter greetings; see you at the Con!

On this Good Friday, we wish all of our readers a blessed, healthy, and happy Easter season. Take some time to relax, celebrate, and grow closer with God and your families and friends.

For those of our friends, both old and those we have not yet met, who will be joining us at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend, we invite you to stop by and have a chat, and perhaps take home some books, artwork, or other merchandise as Easter gifts. The con opens at 4 o’clock today and lasts until 9 PM. Admission is $18.

In honor of this solemn day and its fast, we will not have our jelly bean basket out, but if you are coming tomorrow, you’ll also want to drop by the booth for some jelly beans and other treats as we celebrate the triumph of Christ and the Harrowing of Hell.

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